I Guess I Know Rust Now?

1 minute read

82 Days Until I Can Walk

Today I finally finished The Rust Programming Language (hereafter referred to as The Book). I started reading it almost a week ago, just a few hours after I got out of surgery. Between physio, painkillers, and speaking with doctors, progress was slow. Today I was able to plough through the last eight chapters from the comfort of my own desk. So I guess I’m a Rust guru now?

OK, not really. Blitzing through a book is no way to learn a language. I do feel like I’ve gained an awareness of Rust’s features, but I still need to internalize all the information I’ve read. A working knowledge of Rust will come simply by pursuing this engine project. However, I think I will drastically improve the quality of my learning if I follow along with Tim McNamara’s new Rust Course at the same time.

When I’m working on the engine I expect I will write awful code, but hopefully following a course in parallel will ingrain the language deeper in my brain.

In any case, the goal for tomorrow is to read Rust and WebAssembly. I had a flick through the table of contents and I believe I will be able to tackle this book much faster than The Book. If I get my act together, I reckon I could have the whole thing read by the end of tomorrow.

That would mean that on Monday I’ll be able to start writing the engine itself!