Task Tracker

26/June/2023 - 2/July/2023

  • Complete David Tolnay’s Procedural Macros Workshop

19/June/2023 - 25/June/2023

  • Implement floor textures
  • Implement ceiling textures
  • Add virtual joysticks for mobile
  • Implement look up/down

12/June/2023 - 18/June/2023

  • Fix bugs with rendering walls
  • Fix bugs with collision detection
  • Work out how to load image assets
  • Apply textures to walls
  • Implement transparency for walls
  • Finish Week 3 of Tim McNamara’s Course
  • Write long-form article on wasm-pack

5/June/2023 - 11/June/2023

  • Render a simple image in a canvas using Rust and WASM
  • Implement ray cast from fixed view point
  • Implement basic movement controls
  • Switch to fixed point arithmetic for ray cast algorithm
  • Implement collision detection between player and walls
  • Find and join new Rust communities (Discord/Reddit)
    • Advertise this project more
  • Finish Week 1 and 2 of Tim McNamara’s Course
  • Write overview article of Rust

Outstanding/Long-Term Tasks

  • Write overview article of WebAssembly
  • Research how to fix tearing in HTML canvas
  • Fix CORs error on engine page
  • Improve joystick experience
  • Refactor codebase into proper functions/modules
  • Lookup table for wall texture height
  • Lookup table for floor/ceiling ray intersection