And We Are Live

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83 Days Until I Can Walk

Hello folks! I guess this is the first post on the site. If you’re reading this, then welcome!

Now that we’re here, let me set out my plan for the project. I will be learning how to code in Rust and WebAssembly while also attempting to implement a 2.5D FPS engine in the style of Wolfenstein 3D. While this is a passion project for me, it is also an attempt to pass some time while I wait for my broken foot to heal.

On the homepage will be a link to the latest version of the engine. Clicking that will bring you to the latest interactive version of my game. Please feel free to explore, break it, and give me feedback/advice. I will also post a link to the project github where you will be able to browse through the code at your leisure.

My plan is to code for most of the day, and at the conclusion of each working day I will write a short post about what I have learned, progress on the project, and possibly an update on my own health. I’m going to limit these daily posts to only a few hundred words, just to keep things short and sweet.

Having said that, I do believe that the path I am going to follow will yield some programming techniques that I have not seen demonstrated in any of the similar ray caster engines online. For these subjects I will write a deeper, long form tutorial which I will also publish here.

So Where Are We Now

As of right now, I am starting from scratch. I have begun my Rust journey by reading The Rust Programming Language while I was recovering from my surgery. I am a little more than half way through it and fully expect to have it finished by the end of tomorrow.

After that, I will need to read Rust and WebAssembly. Again, I expect this to be a reasonably quick process. After that, I hope that I will have enough of an understanding of Rust and WebAssembly that I can start programming the engine.

I think I have had my final major interaction with the doctors and surgeons today.So until my next appointment (in four weeks time), I should be able to sit at my desk with my foot up on a stool and code like there’s no tomorrow! It’s been nearly a year since I have actually written any code, so I’m a bit rusty (no pun intended). I am so excited to be back in the happy little place that is a text editor, a compiler, and an idea for a project.