A Lazy Saturday

1 minute read

75 Days Until I Can Walk

A very short post today.

Rather than working on the engine, I used today to catch up on Tim McNamara’s course. I worked my way through most of the week 1 and week 2 material. The course isn’t exactly what I was expecting. I thought it would involve more discussions about the syntax and implementation details of Rust. Rather the course so far encourages you to pursue projects and gives some advice around building a career as a Rust developer.

This is all quite helpful, but it isn’t what I was looking for when I signed up. I’m going to keep pursuing the course for one more week, but if it continues to be about coming up with interesting projects, then I might use my time to work more on the engine. After all, that is my “interesting project” for learning Rust.

In other minor news, I have added a little Learning Resources page to the site where I will list all the materials that I have been using during this little educational journey.

Tomorrow I want to write a digest of what I have learned and accomplished over the last week. It feels like a good way to solidify some of my learning in my brain.

So that’s it folks! Hope your weekend is going well and I’ll update you some more on progress tomorrow.